Juliëtte van den Hil – attorney at law


Juliëtte graduated in history and in law, both with excellent results and in a relatively short amount of time. In 2013/2014, Juliëtte lived and studied in London for one year. During her studies, Juliëtte started to work for Ovidius as a paralegal. After her graduation in July 2015, Juliëtte pursued her career at Ovidius as professional support lawyer. In August 2017, she was admitted to the Dutch bar.

Juliëtte not only has a good command and knowledge of law, she also has a tremendous knowledge of facts. Her international experience and interdisciplinary background enable her to approach a case from various angles. In addition, Juliëtte has a pragmatic approach, making her an excellent attorney.

Juliëtte is a member of the Data Protection Law Association (VPR).

t: +31 20 520 6931
m: +31 6 8296 1389
f: +31 84 877 2081